About Eva Pushkova

Eva Pushkova is a maker of things. A collector of skills, tools, materials, and experiences, she has worked in many media including ceramics, glass, fiber, metal, found objects, and pixels.

She learns through play and experimentation, and has studied directly with a wide range of mentors and teachers, as well as at FIT and MassArt.

Other experiences have included publishing a weekly newspaper, creating experimental musical instruments, collaborating on an art/music iOS app, designing custom clothing, and creating album art.

A web developer since 1994, Eva enjoys working at the intersection of design, storytelling, and technology. She has observed that many who work in tech crave something physical and tactile and messy to counterbalance the time and focus on screens.

Eva seeks this balance in the joyful mess of art and craft. Her current work explores the space of friction and synergy between the highly technological and the handmade.

Contact: eva@pushkova.com