Other Works

Eye Ward, wood, borosilicate glass, porcelain and copper

Alien Flora, borosilicate glass and stone

Necklace, borosilicate glass

Trypophilia, glazed stoneware

Bulb Vessel, stoneware

Three Eyes, braided fabric

Farandolae, borosilicate glass and stone

Pisces, braided fabric

Enclosed Footstool, braided fabric and thrifted footstool

Iris, packaging cardboard

Lotus Bowl, glazed stoneware

Moss, porcelain and live moss

Priestly Moth, braided fabric

Nested Bowls, glazed and stained porcelain

Movement #2, watercolor and oil stick

Patron Saint of Keeping it Together, watercolor

Postapocalyptic Poncho, braided fabric

Raku Vessels, raku-fired stoneware

Robot Rug, thrifted wool

Roses, packaging cardboard

Rothko Rya, braided fabric

Sushi Dishes, glazed and stained stoneware

Shrines for Scientists: Tesla, mixed media

Other Auntie Ursula, thrifted wool

Vortex, borosilicate glass

Apple Tree, stained stoneware

Knot, wood and wool